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John Tabbutt-McCarthy,

Destination Consultant

Destination Consultant John Tabbutt-McCarthy is one of the cruise industry’s top-rated speakers and has been presenting travel and history lectures at sea and ashore in museums and for special-interest groups for the past nineteen years, including fifteen world cruises, six Round South America and five Round Africa voyages.

Growing up in the Netherlands, United States, Gibraltar, Spain, Scotland and Germany, the travel “bug” caught on fast. The son of a submarine commander, he was educated in the aforementioned countries and then attended naval college. That was followed by four years reading British and European History at the University of Maryland in Munich. Upon completion of studies he entered the airline business and worked in Marketing and Public Relations for the flag carriers of Venezuela, Peru, Italy and Zambia, based in the cities of Caracas, Lima, Milano/Bologna and Lusaka. His languages are Italian, Spanish, French and German. His “specialisms” are European history, constitutional monarchy, heraldry and maritime history.  John’s home is Brighton, on the Sussex coast - home to the magical Royal Pavilion of King George IV.

Mr. John Tabbutt-McCarthy is scheduled to sail on the following voyage(s) (subject to change):

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