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Dr. Lew Deitch,

Destination Consultant
Dr. Lew Deitch

Dr. Lew Deitch is a semi-retired professor of geography with over 46 years of teaching experience. During his distinguished career, he directed the Honors Program at Northern Arizona University and developed many programs relating to the study of contemporary world affairs. He is an honors graduate of The University of California, Los Angeles, earned his Master of Arts at The University of Arizona and completed his doctorate in geography at The University of New England in Australia. He is a globetrotter, having visited 89 countries on all continents except Antarctica.  His primary focus is upon human landscapes, especially such topics as local architecture, foods, clothing and folk music. He is also a student of world politics and conflict.

Lew enjoys being in front of an audience, and has spoken to thousands of people at civic and professional organizations.  He has been lecturing on board Silversea ships since 2008. He loves to introduce people to exciting new places both by means of presenting vividly illustrated talks and through serving as a tour consultant for ports of call. His role on board is to provide you with all the information needed to maximize your time onshore in each of the ports we will be visiting. In addition to his presentations, Lew is available at the Shore Concierge Desk and in the Observation Lounge to assist passengers in planning their individual shore excursions. His language skills include a conversational knowledge of German, Russian and Spanish.

Lew was raised in California, has lived in Canada and Australia. Arizona has been his permanent home since 1974. One exciting aspect of his life was the ten-year period during which he volunteered his time as an Arizona Highway Patrol reserve trooper, working out on the streets and highways and also developing new safety and enforcement programs for use statewide.  He presently lives just outside of Phoenix in the beautiful resort city of Scottsdale and still offers a few courses for the local community colleges when he is at home.

Dr. Lew Deitch is scheduled to sail on the following voyages (subject to change):

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