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Generally, inoculations are not required in most areas where Silversea travels. These requirements are subject to change and it is recommended that you verify current guidelines with your travel professional prior to departure. Please note that when travelling to countries that do require inoculations, written verification will be necessary. Before taking any trip overseas, it is wise to check with your doctor, particularly if you are under a doctor's care.

Medical Services On Board

Each Silversea ship is equipped with a Medical Centre, which is customarily staffed by a doctor and nurse on 24-hour call when at sea. When docked, supplementary emergency care may also be obtained through local medical facilities. Guests may be charged for medical services and for medications used for their medical treatment. The Medical Centre is not intended or designed to provide ongoing treatment of pre-existing conditions or for extended critical care, and Silversea is not responsible for the diagnosis, treatment or services furnished by shipboard medical personnel. Guests requiring oxygen for medical reasons are welcome to bring an oxygen concentrator onboard. Guests wishing to bring their own portable oxygen tanks must obtain prior written authorisation from Silversea, as restrictions may apply.


At the time of booking, expectant mothers are required to supply a medical certificate establishing their fitness for travel at the time they are due to travel. Silversea is unable to accommodate women who have entered their twenty-fourth (24th) week of pregnancy and will not be responsible or liable for any complication relative to any pregnancy during the entire duration of the cruise or there after. Additionally, airlines may have restrictions that may differ from Silversea's. Please contact your travel professional or airline.

Prescription Medication

For your convenience and wellbeing, it is important that you bring a sufficient supply of any prescription medicine you may need. Prescriptions cannot be refilled onboard, and usually cannot be refilled overseas. To prevent delays in clearing Customs, it is also a good idea to travel with a doctor's letter explaining that your prescription medication is required for your continued health. It is also recommended that the medicine remain in its original container with the original pharmacy label intact.

Special Medical Conditions

If you have any existing medical condition that may require attention, or should you require oxygen for medical reasons whilst onboard, please send written notification prior to your voyage to specialservices@silversea.com or via fax to 954-759-5049. Please note that an oxygen concentrator is the only form of oxygen equipment that the Silversea ships can accommodate. Guests who rely upon wheelchairs must bring their own. Please note that not all shore excursions are suitable for guests with impaired mobility.