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Email / Internet Access

Onboard Internet services are available with a range of pricing plans. Guests may use their own laptop with wireless card to conveniently access the Internet and personal email in the privacy of their own suite and at WiFi locations throughout the ship. Computers, email and Internet access are also available on board via the Internet Café for a nominal fee. Email and Internet access is available after 2:00pm on embarkation day, continues to operate 24 hours a day throughout the voyage, and is closed at 11:00pm on the final night of the cruise. Internet support is available daily during posted hours.

Wireless Phone and Data Services

When on board, guests may send and receive phone calls, text messages and other select data services on their own mobile phone. Guests will be billed by their home mobile phone provider and calls or messages will appear as roaming charges on their bill. Before leaving home, guests should contact their provider to confirm a roaming agreement with Silversea has been established for ship-to-shore communications.

Direct Dial Phone Service

Each Silversea ship is equipped with a telephone system that allows guests to make direct-dial phone calls from the privacy of their suite while at sea. Calls will be billed to the guest’s shipboard account. Please consult the ship’s Reception Desk for the current rate. (In 2011, the rate was USD$9.50 per minute.) Should someone wish to reach you while you are at sea, please refer to the Leave Behind Information provided in your Final Cruise Documents.


A satellite world news summary will be delivered daily to your suite. In addition to this complimentary cruise feature, Silversea’s optional SilverNews periodical service offers over 500 of the world's most popular newspapers from 70 countries and in 37 languages. A complete list is available onboard, and for a nominal fee, you may subscribe to as many newspapers as you wish during your voyage. Guests in Grand and Owner’s Suites will receive one complimentary periodical each day.


Prior to your departure date, Silversea will provide you with a list of port addresses where mail can be delivered to you throughout your voyage. Postage and mailing services are available on board.

Business Services

Fax reception is complimentary. ship-to-shore communications phone calls and fax transmissions are available at an additional charge. A black and white laser printer is available for your use in the Internet Café at no additional charge.

Communications at Sea

Communication via satellite is a significantly different experience compared to high-speed connections on shore. The signal travels in a similar manner to radio waves but at much greater distances. That is why onboard Internet access is inconsistent and cannot be guaranteed at all times. Satellite communications are also affected by weather and the ship’s location. As such, there may be temporary outages of any satellite-connected service, including Internet connections, cell phones, in-suite phones, television broadcast channels and world news summaries.

Considering the limits of satellite bandwidth, Internet access should be used only for email communication and web browsing. Certain websites and services may be restricted due to limited bandwidth. Certain online activities require high-bandwidth and will be more frustrating than enjoyable. These online activities should be avoided while on board:

  • Streaming video — YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Downloading music, video, books, etc.
  • Skype, video messengers like MSN and Yahoo
  • Remote computer access — GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, Remote Desktop, etc.

Please note that onboard systems do not support 3G technology; the only option for iPad® users to access the Internet on board is via WiFi. Unfortunately, iPads assign little battery power to their internal signal. Unless the WiFi signal is very strong, it is likely you will experience interruptions or may not be able to connect at all. You may notice laptop users have no trouble connecting to the WiFi on board, while an iPad in the same spot drops and reconnects. In addition, the satellite signal fluctuates and iPads are more sensitive to this fluctuation, which may interrupt your iPad Internet session while going unnoticed on other devices.