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Follow your curiosity virtually anywhere on the planet. Set out to explore what lies beyond the horizon or around a river bend. Silversea's specially crafted Land Adventures are multi-day excursions offered before, after or during select voyages. Limited in size, they provide you and a small group of like-minded travellers with unique and intimate opportunities to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and flavours of the world.

With the finest hotels, expert guides, and exclusive events, a Silver Shore Land Adventure is the perfect complement to your voyage. Fares include accommodation, porterage, all transfers, sightseeing and some meals.

Mid-Voyage Land Adventures Pre or Post Land Adventure Icon 

A not-to-be-missed opportunity to visit destinations not typically associated with an ocean voyage. Embark for one or more unforgettable days ashore, meeting back up with your Silversea ship as it continues on its scheduled itinerary. Silversea voyages that offer a Mid-Voyage Land Adventure are indicated with a suitcase icon and include exciting escapades such as flights to explore Antarctica or to Moscow's famous Red Square and overland journeys to discover Luxor's hidden treasures.

Pre- and Post-Cruise Land Adventures Overland Adventures  

Explore the region's must-see destinations. Silversea voyages that offer a Pre- and/or Post-Cruise Land Adventure are indicated with a binocular icon and include amazing sites such as Australia's Outback, the Taj Mahal, African game reserves, and the ancient Inca complex at Machu Picchu.