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Send your suitcases ahead of you! Convenient, baggage-handling service is available roundtrip or one way. Your baggage can be picked up from your home, office or other location and travel to the select worldwide destination of your choice and back home again from many ports. Considering current airport security and baggage restrictions, Silver Shore Baggage Valet provides peace of mind before and after your journey, enabling you to travel with ease.

Pricing is based on the weight and number of pieces to be shipped. For most international embarkation ports, luggage must be picked up 10 to 14 business days prior to your sail date. Each piece of luggage is insured up to a maximum of US$2,000.

30-day advance notice prior to sail date is recommended for this service. For additional information, kindly email valet@silversea.com or contact Silversea toll-free at 800-722-9955 (from North America)