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All-Inclusive Cruise Activities - Evenings

The ease of enjoying a night on the town is one of the great benefits of an all-inclusive cruise. Especially when just steps from your door you can mingle with the interesting, international guests who prefer Silversea ships.

Begin with a cocktail at one of the bars where a lively crowd has gathered to trade tales of the day’s adventures. How relaxing to know nobody need reach for the bill. The friendly conversation continues during dinner where you can linger over coffee — but don’t miss tonight’s performance.

In the Show Lounge, an expectant hush gives way to applause as the curtain opens on an energetic production show or with a celebrated pianist. If you prefer, try your luck at roulette or take in a movie in the Theatre. And if you’re a dance aficionado, you will not be alone. Dance hosts are available on many Silversea cruises. Or take a quiet stroll out on deck and let the romance of the sea work its magic.