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Roderick Bray, Anthropologist, Africa Expert

Roderick Bray grew up in England, but he has proudly called Cape Town his home since the late 1980s.  He has degrees in Anthropology from Durham, in England, and the University of Cape Town.  He studied the transition to democracy in South Africa, before beginning a successful career in the mid-1990s as an expert guide and trip planner for American Universities and independent travel groups.  He has specialised in history lectures, in-depth cultural experiences, volunteer programmes and the planning of safaris in several African countries.

Since 2009 Roderick has developed GreatGuides.Org, a website that profiles exceptional guides and places in Africa.  He has worked in ten African countries making video and audio recordings about inspiring people.   He has broad interests, including Southern African history and politics, evolution, conservation, development and aid, cultural change and, of course, travel.

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