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Dr. Jerry Labriola, Forensic Pathologist

After his first exposure to forensic pathology while serving in the U.S. Navy, Dr. Jerry Labriola practiced medicine for 35 years and was an Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut Medical School. A Yale graduate and former Chief of Staff at a major teaching hospital, he also served as state senator; ran for Lt. Governor and Governor of Connecticut; and for the United States Senate.

He is the author of nine mystery novels. He is also coauthor with internationally renowned forensic scientist, Dr. Henry Lee, of four books dealing with forensic science: Famous Crimes Revisited; Dr. Henry Lee's Forensic Files; Shocking Cases; and The Budapest Connection. In them, they examine well-known criminal cases, including O.J. Simpson, JFK, JonBenet Ramsey, Charles Lindbergh, Sam Sheppard, Vincent Foster, Scott Peterson, Phil Spector, Sacco/Vanzetti and the abduction of Elizabeth Smart. Dr. Labriola's latest work---just released--- is a mystery/suspense novel titled Deadly Politics.

He writes full-time, is past president of the Connecticut Authors' Association and a member of the Mystery Writers of America and of the International Association of Crime Writers.

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