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Benjamin Taggie, Historian

Benjamin Taggie is Professor of History Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and specializes in World Civilizations. He has served as dean, provost, and vice chancellor, holds a Ph.D. in history from Michigan State University and was a post-doctoral Fellow at Harvard University.

Following his retirement he continues to serve as Director of the UMASS Summer Sicily Program at the University of Messina and founded MSA Cultural Tours which conducts 4-6 educational tours annually. Since 1998 he has served as Executive Director of the Mediterranean Studies Association and has published numerous articles and books. Dr Taggie has been lecturing on cruise ships for the past five years, most recently spending the month of February in the Pacific giving lectures on Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, and Malaya. In March, 2011 he was invited to be the keynote speaker at an International Conference sponsored by the University of Busan in Busan, S. Korea.

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