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Reed Kaestner, Award-winning Photographer

For the past 30 years, Reed Kaestner has been taking photographs that have graced the covers of inflight magazines, appeared on billboards, been used in thousands of brochures, books, and advertisments around the world, and recently an image of his was seen 6,000,000 times in one day! Besides this Bing.com home page, his photograph of a sailboat, used on the mast head of Netscape’s popular home portal, a few years ago, was seen an estimated 10 billion times over the course of two years, making him one of the most viewed photographers of all time!

Whether on assignment, or shooting for “stock”, Reed has traveled to and photographed in over 80 countries. His passion for travel and photography, is eclipsed only by his love of teaching and sharing what he has learned. He brings an artist’s eye and a technician’s skill when ever he shoots. Through his on board lectures, clinics, and “walk around”shore tours, partisipants will learn how to get the most out of their equipment and take travel photographs that look like they were shot by a “pro”! Reed, his wife and his family, live in Southern California, and when not traveling or photographing,  he enjoys fly fishing, bird watching, and organic gardening.

Reed Kaestner is scheduled to sail on the following voyage(s) (subject to change):

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