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Laurel Corona, Ph.D., Author and Historian

Laurel Corona has combined her love of writing and teaching for more than three decades. She has taught in the San Diego area since 1975, working first at SDSU then at UCSD, and is currently a professor of Humanities at San Diego City College.

In her role as professor, Corona teaches a yearlong Humanities survey ranging from neolithic times to the present.  Subject areas include art, music, literature, architecture, philosophy, and history, with a special emphasis the achievements of non-western and popular culture.  Corona was voted Professor of the Year in 1999 by students at the college, and each year receives some of the highest course evaluations recorded campus wide. 

She began her career as a published author in 1999 with a book on Kenya for Lucent Books, and went on to write seventeen Young Adult titles for that company before turning her attention to books for adults.  In 2008 she had award-winning debuts with major publishers in both fiction and non-fiction.  The Four Seasons: A novel of Vivaldi's Venice won the 2009 Theodor Geisel Award for Book of the Year from the San Diego Book Awards and has been translated into eleven foreign languages. Until our last breath: A Holocaust story of love and Partisan Resistance is a non-fiction work about the Jewish resistance movement in Vilna, Lithuania. It won a San Diego Book Award as well as a Christopher Medal, a national award given to books whose writers “craft words and images into a clear, cohesive vision” and “affirm the highest values of the human spirit.”

Corona’s second novel, Penelope's Daughter tells the story of Homer’s Odyssey from the perspective of a daughter born to Odysseus after he leaves for Troy.  Her third novel, The Laws of Motion is based on the life story of Emilie du Chatelet, the brilliant eighteenth-century physicist and mathematician who was also Voltaire’s lover and muse. She is currently at work on her fourth novel, The Shape of the World, set in Spain at the time of Ferdinand and Isabella.

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