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Fred Feldmesser, Gemologist

To listen to Fred Feldmesser is to be swept into a world of high adventure where the search for exotic pink sapphires and Colombian emeralds is exceeded only by quests for some of the world’s rarest diamonds.  Feldmesser grew up in a gem trading family, before joining the venerable houses of Cartier and Harry Winston in New York, and is now an internationally recognized gemologist and educator.  He has lectured at the Gemological Institute of America, the leading educational and testing laboratory for gems, as well as the Smithsonian Institution, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, the Princeton Club and the Harvard and Yale Universities’ Gem and Mineralogical Museums.  He is also a consultant to United States Customs and the author of a highly regarded book, Rocks, Pebbles, and Stones- Confessions of a Private Jeweler.

Fred uses gemstones to reach the hearts of profoundly ill children, when he brings his sparkling and colorful world to hospitals and conducts his Freddy Rocker Gem Show. The children come to understand the relationship that joins people and jewels in the never-ending quest for beauty and for symbols that express the deepest experiences of the human condition. The children love to see, touch and wear all of these treasures.

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