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Fred Plotkin, Renaissance Man

Fred Plotkin discovered the concept of "The Renaissance Man" as a small child and has devoted himself to pursuing that ideal as the central role of his life. He is an esteemed expert on everything Italian and operatic. In a “Public Lives” profile in The New York Times on August 30, 2002, Plotkin was described as "one of those New York word-of-mouth legends, known by the cognoscenti for his renaissance mastery of two seemingly separate disciplines: music and the food of Italy."
Fred's knowledge and expertise extend to much of Europe, its many cultures and history and, especially, opera, film, literature, classical music, food and wine. He has worked in opera since 1972, doing everything but singing. This includes management, production, design, coaching, consulting and broadcasting. He directed opera at La Scala and later was the performance manager of the Metropolitan Opera for five years. He teaches a series at NYU called Adventures in Italian Opera which has a big following. He also leads opera/food trips in Italy, Austria, France and New York.

Fred is a very popular speaker in prestigious venues such as Oxford University, the Smithsonian Institution and major arts festivals. He is admired not only for his knowledge but the joy with which he shares it. Radio, television and YouTube audiences know him for broadcasts about the topics he loves. Fred participated in NBC’s coverage of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino. He is a regular commentator on NPR and the BBC, and a best-selling author.

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May 26 2015 7 4510 Silver Whisper Copenhagen, Denmark to Copenhagen, Denmark $3,450
Jun 02 2015 7 4511 Silver Whisper Copenhagen, Denmark to Stockholm, Sweden $3,650
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