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Dr. Norman Caisse, Astronomer

Norman Caisse’s richly illustrated presentations will take us on a fascinating journey from our own Solar System, through the Milky Way galaxy, and on to the edge of the known Universe.  In addition to his lectures, be sure to join him on deck for special night sessions to view the Southern sky.

During his career with Jet Propulsion Labs and GTE Corporation, Dr. Caisse, a registered professional engineer, participated in a variety of NASA projects, including the Apollo missions.  These vocational contributions to the space program greatly enhanced his love for astronomy – a passion he has communicated on the lecture circuit for over 20 years. 

Norman received his undergraduate degree in Engineering from Northeastern University and completed his Astronomy doctorate program at the University of Texas.  An active participant in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program through the University of California, Berkeley, he is also a member of the Planetary Society, the Cousteau Society, and various amateur astronomer groups.

Norman Caisse is scheduled to sail on the following voyage(s) (subject to change):






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Nov 03 2014 17 3432 Silver Shadow Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia to Valparaiso, Chile $9,250
Dec 20 2014 18 3435 Silver Shadow Valparaiso, Chile to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA $8,550
Jun 20 2015 17 1518 Silver Cloud Copenhagen, Denmark to Copenhagen, Denmark $9,950
Jul 30 2015 7 3520 Silver Shadow Vancouver, Canada to Seward, Alaska, USA $3,850
Aug 06 2015 7 3521 Silver Shadow Seward, Alaska, USA to Vancouver, Canada $3,850
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