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Dr. George Losey, Marine Biologist

A Professor of Zoology and Marine Biology at the University of Hawaii, George received his Ph.D. at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and has studied the behavior and ecology of marine animals throughout the world. Topics have ranged from diving in Pacific tuna-fishing purse seines to appraise the behavior of dolphins captured with the tuna, to weeks of living underwater as an aquanaut in Puerto Rico to study cleaning symbiosis in fishes. 

Dr. George Losey is scheduled to sail on the following voyage(s) (subject to change) :






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Dec 12 2014 10 1437 Silver Cloud Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA $3,950
Mar 06 2015 17 4506 Silver Whisper Singapore, Singapore to Mombasa, Kenya $9,250
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