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Ambassador Edward Peck, Diplomat, TV Commentator

Chief of Mission in Iraq and Mauritania, Embassy Officer in Sweden, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt, Ambassador Ed Peck was a diplomat for 32 years. 

At the Reagan White House, he served as Deputy Director, Cabinet Task Force on Terrorism; at the Pentagon, Liaison Officer to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Fellow, Institute of Higher Defense Studies; at the State Department, Deputy Coordinator, Covert Intelligence Programs, and Special Assistant, Under Secretary for Political Affairs.

Since retirement he has been Executive Secretary, American Academy of Diplomacy, and Chairman, Political Tradecraft Programs, National Foreign Affairs Training Center.  He frequently comments on foreign affairs for television networks in the U.S. and abroad, and lectures extensively for business, governments, and educational institutions worldwide.
Ambassador Peck served two tours with the paratroops, from private to 1st Lt.  His B.S. is from UCLA, the MBA from George Washington.  He speaks Arabic, French, Spanish and Swedish.  His lecture series is entitled Thinking About Our World – An effort to provoke thoughts, not people.

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