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Dr. Gavin McLean, Maritime Historian

New Zealand’s leading maritime historian, Dr Gavin McLean is the Senior Historian with the Ministry for Culture and Heritage in Wellington.  He has written nearly 40 books, ranging from the Governor-General’s history to popular histories of New Zealand cities.  In 2009/10 he curated an exhibition on prime ministers at the NZ National Portrait Gallery.

Gavin’s many maritime works include Captain’s Log, which partnered the 2001 TV series of the same name, Full Astern!, Kiwitown’s Port, and last year’s A Voice for Shipping.  In 2005 he co-edited a massive national history, Frontier of Dreams: The Story of New Zealand, and appeared in the accompanying 13-part TV series, the country’s most ambitious documentary in 25 years.

His background in heritage makes Gavin a natural at bringing history alive at the places where it actually happened, and he is a regular speaker with heritage and third age groups.  He earned his Ph.D. in History from the University of Otago.

Sample titles:

The Big Island’s Big Past
Australia’s past is as large as its famed Outback.  We’ll do “Oz 101” as we trace its history from the arrival of the Aborigines through British colonization to the country today, with special emphasis on the city of Melbourne

Beautiful Tasmania has a complex, sometimes dark history.  In the nineteenth century it housed the toughest convict prisons.  More recently it has been a battleground for conservationists and the site of some of the world’s most bitter “history wars”
Crossing “the Ditch” – Shipping in the Tasman Sea
Australia and New Zealand depend on the sea for their trade and shipping has always been important.  Meet the people, the ships – from luxury liners to battered scows – and the shipwrecks

The Reed Publishing Story
Dunedin’s Sir A.H. Reed lived to 99, never drove, drank, smoked, or ate meat.  Despite that, he and his equally austere nephew created New Zealand and Australia’s biggest private publisher, a firm whose books captured the essence of the Antipodes

On the Sheep’s Back: Southern History
The rugged South Island has a distinctive history of religious colonies (Dunedin and Christchurch), ungodly gold rushes, and a prosperity that rested on the sheep’s back
“Last, Loneliest and Loveliest”

That is how Rudyard Kipling described New Zealand.  Hear the story of New Zealand’s North Island, with a special emphasis on Wellington, Napier, Tauranga and Auckland

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