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Farhana Qazi, Counter-Terrorism Expert

For over a decade, Farhana Qazi has been the most prominent American-Muslim woman to study al-Qaeda and the conflicts in the Muslim world. She regularly travels to Kashmir and Pakistan to assess political crises and militant groups. 

Before 9/11, Ms. Qazi was the first Muslim woman to work in the US government’s Counter-Terrorism Center, where she received several Meritorious Awards during her five years of service. She later joined the RAND Corporation as an international policy analyst, focusing on the impact of Islamist movements and security challenges in the Middle East and South Asia. Currently, she is a Senior Instructor on the AFPAK team, providing training on Islam, Pakistan, and regional security threats to US military officers and civilians across the US government.
A highly sought-after lecturer, Ms. Qazi appears regularly in the media, including BBC World News, Al-Jazeera English, CNN, PBS, and C-Span. Her publications have appeared in Newsweek, The Washington Post, The International Herald Tribune, and several academic journals. She speaks Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, and French and is studying Arabic.

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