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Ronald Bowers, Prosecuting Attorney, Author

For 43 years, Mr. Ronald E. Bowers has been a prosecutor with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.  During his long career, he has been involved in some of the most sensational trials of the century and has become one of the foremost experts on visual presentations in jury trials.

Bowers has written extensively on his work, including the true crime books Meet Me for Murder, You’ll Never Find My Body, Honeymoon With A Killer, and his most recent, Date with the Devil.  Because of his unique perspective on so many highly publicized murder trials, he can provide unique insights into the forensic methods used to track down the culprit – and explain what really happened behind all the courtroom drama. 

He received his BS degree from UCLA and did the unthinkable by crossing town where he received his JD degree from the rival USC Law School.  He has worked as a corporate counsel in Beverly Hills and later gained litigation experience in the DA’s Office.  

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