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Maj. Gen. Sir Robert Corbett, KCVO, CB, British Military Historian

Of Irish descent, Sir Robert Corbett joined the British Army in 1958 as an 18 year old Guardsman (Private Soldier) in the Irish Guards. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the same regiment in the following year. In a career of extraordinary variety he served all over the world. (He specialized as a Pathfinder parachutist, training as a young officer with the US Rangers at Fort Benning, and later commanded the UK Parachute Brigade). It was however, his role as British Commandant and Military Governor, in Berlin at the cataclysmic moment of the fall of the Wall that was probably the most challenging time in an exacting life.

Sir Robert will speak, with the advantage of personal experience, about this, about life under communism in East Germany, the Falkland Islands where he served and the honour and privilege of guarding Her Majesty The Queen whose Guards Division he commanded in his final military appointment. On leaving the Army he was, for ten years, Director of a national charity working in Britain and Africa for the care, training and development of disadvantaged young people. He and his wife, Susie, live in Dorset in the English West Country in a house built in 1510.

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