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Lisa Feder, Ph.D, Cultural Anthropologist

Since 2001 Lisa has traveled to West Africa four times. She has lived with musicians' families in Guinea and the Gambia. She earned a Ph.D in cultural anthropology from Cornell University. Her thesis project focused on Manding Jalis in both West Africa and New York City. Her dissertation, entitled Learning Culture through a Musical Practice with Manding Jalis reveals her process of cultural exchange as she was trained in Manding music culture under the tutelage of several Jalis. Lisa Feder lives in Stuart, Florida, from where she distance-teaches cultural anthropology at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco. She continues to promote the New York City-based African band Mandingo Ambassadors under the direction of guitar Jali Mamady Kouyate.  Kouyate and Feder also translate ancient jali stories and perform them in English with acoustic jali guitar. 

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