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Catherine Lim, Best-selling Author

Singaporean author Catherine Lim’s first book, a collection of short stories entitled Little Ironies – Stories of Singapore was published in 1978.  In the next fifteen years, she continued to write for the local market, and was delighted to have her books used as literature texts in Singapore’s schools.  In 1994, a novel, The Bondmaid, was published by Orion Publishing, London, and translated, to her great surprise and joy, into eleven languages.  Since then, she has continued to publish with Orion, Marshall Cavendish, and Pearson and enjoys an international readership.  In recent years, she has experimented with other genres, including non-fiction, producing a semi-autobiographical work in 2004 called Unhurried Thoughts at My Funeral.  Her e-novella Leap of Love was filmed as The Leap Years.

Catherine was born in Malaysia, in a small, predominantly Chinese town called Kulim, in 1942, and educated in an English school run by Catholic nuns.  Her father was an accountant and her mother a housewife.  She grew up in an extended family that included four brothers, nine sisters, relatives and maidservants.  This very large household in the midst of a very busy neighborhood was to provide her, years later, with the raw material for her short stories and novels.  In 1969, she left Malaysia to settle in Singapore with her husband and two young children.  She was divorced in 1982.

Catherine Lim lives in Singapore, and spends her time writing, reading and giving lectures. 

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