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Hallam Murray, Writer and Photographer

Hallam Murray spent 15 years in book publishing. He is now a freelance lecturer, writer and photographer. He has travelled in over 40 countries, but his passion is for Latin America.   He cycled from Los Angeles, California to Tierra del Fuego, (two journeys with a total of over 17,000 miles, spending two and a half years in the saddle). This involved pedalling the full length of The Andes, to visit many otherwise inaccessible potter communities.

He travelled for three months through Ecuador, accompanied by his wife Carole and six month old son Quin who was carried on their backs. Hiking through this beautiful and varied Andean country, they updated the South American Handbook as they went.

They returned to South America, this time to Chile, where they lived amongst the Mapuché Indians, climbed volcanoes and made a hair-raising journey into Patagonia where they were nearly stranded by recent volcanic dust from the eruption of Volcan Hudson.

Hallam uses a combination of slides, tape-recordings made along the way, & his own enthusiastic lecture style to conjure up something of the atmosphere of these fascinating countries.  He has lectured on several occasions at the Royal Geographical Society where he has chaired and organised two separate Independent Travellers’ Seminars.  He is Chairman of the Anglo-Peruvian Society.

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