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John Renninger, Ph.D., World Affairs Expert

Dr. John Renninger is currently Adjunct Professor of Global Affairs at New York University.  He earned a BA in political science from Northwestern University, an MA in international affairs from The George Washington University, and a PhD in public and international affairs from the University of Pittsburgh.         

In 2007, Dr. Renninger retired from the United Nations after 30 years of service.  Upon his retirement, he was a director in the Department of Political Affairs, where he was the highest ranking US national.  He was responsible for monitoring political developments in different parts of the world and providing political advice to the Secretary-General. 

Dr. Renninger was intimately involved with the transition to democracy in South Africa, the Middle East peace process, UN peacemaking in Afghanistan, relations with the ASEAN countries, cooperation with the European Union, and other issues.  He has extensive lecturing experience in both academic and diplomatic settings.  

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