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Hugh Neighbour, Former Diplomat, ex-US Navy

Hugh Neighbour is a consultant and popular lecturer, drawing on more than 38 years of service as a diplomat for the U.S. and an officer in the U.S. Navy.  His final diplomatic posting was as Chief Arms Control Delegate for the U.S. at the OSCE in Vienna, Austria.  Other diplomatic assignments of two to four years each were in Germany when the Berlin Wall fell and the country unified, Bolivia when an indigenous uprising cut off food supplies for weeks, Panama as General Noriega stole an election, and Australia when it commemorated 200 years of European settlement and the ANZUS treaty was fundamentally altered.  He was stationed in London during the height of the Cold War, Stockholm when non-aligned Sweden helped NATO intervene in Bosnia and reluctantly entered the EU, and in the Fiji Islands where he ran U.S. relations with eight South Pacific island countries and territories.  Other diplomatic assignments advanced U.S. interests within the UN system, the Organization of American States, the Pacific Islands Forum, and across Eurasia with the OSCE. 

In total, Hugh has been to well over 100 countries.  He was awarded the Secretary of State’s Career Achievement Award, as well as a number of Department of State awards for distinguished service.  Before beginning his diplomatic career, Hugh was a bridge watch officer in the U.S. Navy.  After serving throughout the Far East, he became the first U.S. Navy officer to be stationed on Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast since World War II.  Hugh is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy (Annapolis) and holds advanced degrees from the University of Southern California and the National War College//NDU. 

Since leaving the U.S. Foreign Service in late 2010, Hugh has traveled widely, worked as a consultant in Washington and overseas and helped document election fraud in two former Soviet republics.  

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