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John Hare, Explorer, Conservationist, Author

A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, explorer, and conservationist, John Hare specializes in expeditions on camelback across some of the world’s great desert regions.  His travels have included a 1,500-mile crossing of the Sahara from Lake Chad to Tripoli; a circumnavigation of Kenya’s Lake Turkana (formerly Lake Rudolph); and four expeditions to the Gobi Desert, including the first trek from the east in recorded history to the ancient Silk Road city of Lou Lan.

For his Gobi expeditions, Hare obtained permission to enter China’s nuclear test area, which had been prohibited to foreigners for over fifty years, and he became the first known foreigner to cross the Gashun Gobi from north to south.  On this journey he discovered the hitherto unknown Silk Road outpost of Tu-ying.  Impressed by the crisis facing the critically endangered wild Bactrian camel, he persuaded the Chinese government to establish a nature reserve in the former nuclear test site.
John Hare’s highly pictorial presentations contain images unobtainable from any other source.  He is the author of The Lost Camels of Tartary, Shadows across the Sahara and, most recently, Mysteries of the Gobi.

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