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Adrian Kerr, Historian

Born in England, Prof. Adrian Kerr is a Professor of Ancient Civilizations and Cultures and is the Dean of Continuing Education at Edison State College.  He has spent the last thirty years researching, writing and broadcasting on the history of mankind.  Described as “a leading historical populist”; he is a published author and regularly appears on television and radio, contributing to programs which focus on ancient history, culture, and comparative religion.  He is also in demand as a moderator for topical historical/political televised events and television/radio phone-ins.  His work also regularly appears in the press, particularly in historical and travel journals, and he provides the voiceover for many museum tours.

Kerr is particularly well known and respected for the interactive popular talks he gives to inquiring audiences around the world and has been acclaimed for being able to present complex historical, political, and religious issues in a straight forward, balanced, and enjoyable manner.  He is particularly noted for his ability to compress thousands of years of complex history into an enjoyable, often humorous, summary which leaves audiences focused on the main events.  He is a guest lecturer at universities, including Columbia and Harvard, and museums internationally.

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