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Gwen Clare, Former US Ambassador

A career diplomat for 30 years, Gwen Clare served in Portugal, Chile, Peru, El Salvador, Brazil, and Ecuador, where she was the American Ambassador.  She also lived in Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Paraguay.  In Washington, she worked on the staff of Secretary of State George Shultz.

As Director of the Orientation Division of the Foreign Service Institute, Ambassador Clare prepared for duty 450 new officers.  During her assignment as Diplomat in Residence at the Carter Center, she monitored the election process in Nicaragua and East Timor.  A frequent lecturer both during her government career and in retirement, she serves on the board of the local World Affairs Council.
Gwen earned her B.A. from George Washington University.  She did graduate work at the National War College and at Johns Hopkins School of International Studies, while on Capitol Hill as a Congressional Fellow of the American Political Science Association.  She speaks Spanish and Portuguese. 

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