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Larry Herson, Ph.D., World Affairs Expert

Dr. Lawrence Herson is Professor Emeritus and former Dean at The Ohio State University.  Educated at Northwestern and Yale, Dr. Herson has an undergraduate degree in Science and three graduate degrees: Asian Philosophy, World Religions (including Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism) and Political Science.

His scholarly writings have been published in six languages, including French, Russian and Arabic and honored by the United States government for placement in more than 125 American Libraries worldwide.  He has served as election analyst for CBS and PBS and has held professorships and Northwestern and Indiana Universities; has been Distinguished Visiting Lecturer at Baylor and Wisconsin Universities and at Wilton Park (The British Foreign Office Academy).

A decorated veteran of World War II, his scholarly honors include Phi Beta Kappa, a German Parliamentary Fellowship, a 50 year listing in Who's Who, and appointment as Mershon Professor of Public Policy at Ohio State.

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