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Peter Hawthorne, Journalist, Author, Africa Expert

Peter Hawthorne, a veteran journalist, foreign correspondent and author, was born in England but has been in Africa for most of his working career.  His experience stretches into most countries of Africa over more than 40 years, during which he has been witness to many of the momentous events of Africa’s dramatic winds of change. 

He has been a correspondent for various international media organizations in press, radio and television, including the British Broadcasting Corporation, the New York Times and several British national newspapers . For 10 years up to his retirement he was bureau chief in southern Africa for Time magazine.  He is an award winner from the English Academy of Southern Africa and is author of The Transplanted Heart,  a best-seller about the world’s first human heart transplant in Cape Town and The King’s Eye and John Vorster’s Elbow – reporting the Mandela years.  His latest book is a novel – Keeper of the White Dog.

The wealth of Peter’s experience may be best illustrated by the fact that he was a reporter in Pretoria, South Africa, at the trial of Nelson Mandela and 30 years later, again in Pretoria, he reported for Time magazine on the inauguration of Mandela as the country’s first black president. He is working on another novel and is a consultant for various press, public relations and communications concerns.

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