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Morton Dean, Author, Journalist, Former TV News Anchor

As a correspondent for CBS News and ABC News Mort covered many historic, headline-making stories around the world. He covered the Vietnam War with distinction. Among his other datelines: Cambodia, Thailand, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, El Salvador, Peru, Dominican Republic, Jordan, Kuwait, Somalia, Turkey, and Cuba.

Mort's freelance activities have included commentaries on National Public Radio and hosting and voicing over documentaries on the History Channel and A & E Biography series.

Mort has extensive experience covering international terrorism. When a deadly terror bomb blasted the USS Cole in Yemen, he was dispatched there as ABC's lead reporter. He traveled to Nairobi to cover the bombing of the U.S. Embassy and went to Sudan to cover the U.S. retaliation.

Mort was nominated for a national Emmy Award for his reporting during a fierce gun battle in Kosovo involving U. S. Marines who were pinned down by snipers. Mort was assigned to report from Saddam Hussein's Iraq numerous times. After the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait he was the first network TV correspondent to report from Kuwait City while it was still under Iraqi occupation.

When Walter Cronkite stepped back from covering NASA activities, Mort became the lead space correspondent for CBS News and later reported on NASA activities for ABC News. He also reported extensively from Russia on the Soviet/Russian space program.

He recently completed his first novel and has two earlier books to his credit.

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