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Gordon Brown, Author and Former US Ambassador

Gordon S. Brown, author and retired diplomat, had a 35-year career in the US Foreign Service, during which time he received awards from both the Departments of State and Defense.  His latest book, The Captain Who Burned his Ships, is a biography of Captain Thomas Tingey, the first commandant of the Washington navy Yard.

Earlier books include Incidental Architect, on William Thornton and his influence on early Washington cultural history, Toussaint’s Clause, about the American policy reaction to the Haitian Revolution of 1790, The Norman Conquest of Southern Italy and Sicily, and Coalition, Coercion and Compromise, about the first Gulf War.

Ambassador Brown's assignments were centered in the Middle East, where he concentrated on economic and energy policy issues.  Ambassador to Mauritania 1991-94, he had previously been Political Advisor to General Schwarzkopf during the first Gulf War, and Director of Arab Gulf Affairs in the State Department.  As an inspector of American embassies and, subsequent to his retirement as a frequent election observer with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Brown has also travelled extensively in the countries of the Caucasus, Central Asia and Black Sea areas. 

Following his diplomatic career, he helped establish and was President of the US-Qatar Business Council.  He is currently a senior fellow at the Joint Forces Staff College, and on the board of Habitat for Humanity in Washington, where he was chairman 2007-2010.  A Californian transplanted to Washington , he is a graduate of Stanford University. 

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