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Eric Moody, Retired British Airways Captain, Aviation Expert

Eric Moody started his career in 1965 where he flew long-haul airplanes for BOAC and its successors British Airways.  He flew for nearly 32 years. He obtained a Command in 1976 and retired in 1996 as a Senior Boeing 747 Captain having flown a total of 17,000 career hours.

In 1983, in the Queen's Birthday Honours List, Eric was awarded The Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air, for his part in flying a Boeing 747, without engines running, through a Volcanic Eruption from Mount Galunggung in Java.

This incident resulted in Eric also being honoured as a Man of the Year in 1982, receiving a Gold Medal from the British Airlines Pilots Association, The Hugh Gordon Burge Award from the Guild of Air Pilots and a Commendation from the British Airways Board, the latter two awards being for outstanding leadership and airmanship. Lloyds of London also showed their appreciation with a presentation tantalus.

Eric has made a 'second career' as an 'aviation expert' speaking frequently on radio, television, after dinner, and advising the written media.

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