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Gerald Eskenazi, New York Times Columnist, Author

Gerald Eskenazi has generated 8,000 bylines for The New York Times--second-highest in the paper's history. In a career that has spanned 48 years, he has reported from the Alps and the Winter Olympics, to more than 20 Super Bowls.

He has written 16 books, and hundreds of articles, ranging from sports, to travel, to language, for such publications as Forbes Magazine, Money, the Cigar Aficionado, the International Herald Tribune, and the Los Angeles Times.

He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in literature from the City College of New York, and was a fellow in the Senior Writers Program at Duke University. He taught journalism at St. John's and Adelphi universities in New York.

Additionally, he has lectured for The New York Times at universities and advertising groups, and libraries and clubs.

He is married, and lives in New York City with his wife, Rosalind, a former administrator of gifted- education programs for the Board of Education in New York City. They have three children.

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