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silversea mediterranean cruise zakinthos greeceThe image adorns the covers of travel guides the world over, but no matter how many times you’ve seen it on paper, your first sight of the MV Panagiotis shipwreck will still live with you forever. Majestic limestone cliffs hold a small bay of immaculate white pebbles, which proved to be the final resting place for this doomed ship, which now serves as a stunning tourist attraction on the blissful island of Zakynthos.

Sail out across the immaculate blue ocean, to the small Navagio Beach, and you’ll see the spectacular shipwreck up close and personal. Or, even better, head up to Agios Gergio Kremnao monastery, to look down over its exquisite location, and absorb one of the world's most striking, most photographed scenes. The island’s Blue Caves are no less mesmerising, and these sea-hewn archways of rock line up to provide an incredible boat journey, as you dip in and out of gaping sea caves, and the water sparkles around you.

Zakynthos, or The 'Flower of the East' as the Venetians knew it, remains as alluring as ever - with gorgeous sweeps of unspoiled countryside, a bustling city and impossibly beautiful beaches and shoreline. Agios Nikolaos beach is one of the most wonderful you'll have ever had the privilege to enjoy, while the south of the island offers the chance to scuba dive in close proximity to endangered loggerhead turtles – which glide majestically through the crystal-clear water.

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