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Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada

Trois-Rivières, which is French for 'Three Rivers', is named for the fact that the Saint-Maurice River, which is divided by two small islands at the river's opening, has three mouths at the Saint Lawrence River. The city is located at the confluence of the Saint-Maurice and Saint Lawrence rivers, on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River across from the city of Bécancour. The former city of Trois-Rivières, along with its neighbouring towns of Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Sainte-Marthe-du-Cap, Saint-Louis-de-France, Trois-Rivières-Ouest and the municipality of Pointe-du-Lac, were combined to form the new city of Trois-Rivières in 2002. The Trois-Rivières metropolitan area also includes the city of Bécancour, which is situated on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River across the Laviolette Bridge.

The area later known as Trois-Rivières was already frequented by Algonquins and Abenakis by the time French explorer Jacques Cartier visited the site in 1535, and the city was subsequently founded on July 4, 1634. Due to its strategic location, Trois-Rivières played an important role in the colony and fur trade, and became the seat of a regional government in 1665. French sovereignty in Trois-Rivières continued until 1760, when the city was captured as part of the British conquest of Quebec. On June 8, 1776, it was the theatre of the Battle of Trois-Rivières; however, the city continued to grow in stature throughout the period and beyond. In 1908, a fire gutted most of the city, prompting a major redesign and renovation that attracted many new businesses, industries and residents. During the 1960s, Trois-Rivières' economic diversification included the establishment of several cultural and educational institutions and attractions.

Although Trois-Rivières is the economic and cultural hub of the Mauricie region, tourism has become a significant aspect of the city's local economy. Its proximity to pristine waterways, forests, parks, sandy beaches, and the St. Lawrence River makes Trois-Rivières an ideal gateway for exploring the area's exquisite coastal beauty, marine life, and flora and fauna. Notable waterways include the mighty St. Lawrence River, among the world's largest and most beautiful rivers, Lac Saint-Pierre, an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that harbours the area's migratory birds and protected flora and fauna, and the Saint Maurice River, which flows down from the majestic mountains into the St. Lawrence River.

You can relive the splendid legacy of Trois-Rivières during visits to the Historic District, as well as a host of renowned architectural landmarks throughout the city. Included are the Forges du Saint-Maurice, a National Historic Site; Borèalis Museum (pulp and paper industry exhibition centre); Moulin Seigneurial de Pointe-du-Lac; lovely Boucher de Niverville Manor; Old Prison of Trois-Rivières; Heritage Trail walking tour; Maison Maurice Duplessis; Maison De Gannes; Maison Hertel-de-la-Fresniere; Manoir Boucher-de-Niverville; and the neighbourhoods of Sainte-Cécile and Saint-François d'Assise.

The spectacular natural and coastal splendour of Trois-Rivières and its environs offer a wealth of activities, including: nature-watching; bird-watching; hiking; bicycling; skydiving; golfing; horseback riding; horse racing; automobile racing; baseball; hockey; and a wide array of other popular outdoor excursions. Water-borne activities are also numerous, and include: cruising along the St. Lawrence River; windsurfing; kitesurfing; sea-kayaking; canoeing; fishing; swimming; boating; and sailing.

Due to its compact size, Trois-Rivières can be easily explored in just a single day.

Going Ashore in Trois-Rivières

Pier Information

The ship is scheduled to dock at the Trois-Rivières Pier #3 and 4. Trois-Rivières' town centre can be reached via a 109-yard (100-metre) walk on-foot.


Shopping opportunities in Trois-Rivières include handmade natural soaps at the Carpe Diem Artisanal Soap Factory, handbags, jewellery and clothing at the Boutique Cinq Continents, original, handmade products by local artisans at Marchand'Arts, and 150 boutiques and services at the Les Rivières Shopping Centre. The local currency is the Canadian Dollar.


The cold, clean coastal waters and rivers of Trois-Rivières offer a wide array of sumptuous dining choices. Among the many local favourites are snow crabs, scallops, lobster, salmon, and trout, along with maple syrup, ice wine, honey products, bison and mapiti meat, berries, briotte herry, and Canadian dishes. Popular restaurants in-and-around Sept-Îles include Péché Mignon; Poivre Noir; Restaurant le Grill; Castel Des Prés; Vice-Versa; Nord-Ouest Café; Gambrinus; Le Panetier; Le Sacristain; Café Morgane; Le Lupin; and Le Coconut.

Other Sights

City Centre

The city centre of Trois-Rivières is easily accessible on-foot or by taxi. The city's main street is Boulevard des Forges, an area several blocks long in the heart of the Old City. It is comprised of century-old buildings housing a wide array of cafés, restaurants, clubs, bars, and shops. In the warmer months, the area is regularly closed to vehicular traffic to accommodate various festivals and events, turning the downtown core into a pedestrian mall.


Trois-Rivières boasts many delightful museums that offer a unique insight into the city's rich industrial, cultural and artistic legacy, from the 18th century to present. Included are the Borealis Museum; Trois-Rivières Military Museum; Musée des Filles de Jésus; Musée du Père Frédéric Janssoone; Musée Pierre-Boucher; and Musée Québécois de Culture Populaire.

Art Galleries

Art lovers visiting Trois-Rivières can indulge their senses with unique and diverse collections of paintings, sculptures and original works ranging from classic to eclectic, and everything in-between. Featured galleries include: Exposition La Petite Vie; Biennale Nationale de Sculpture Contemporaine; Centre d'art Tirelou; EMA: Expérience Métiers d'Art; Galerie d'Art C2; Centre d'exposition Raymond-Lasnier; Circuit en Art; Galerie d'Art du Parc; and the Biennale Internationale d'Estampe Contemporaine.


Trois-Rivières abounds with historic churches, monasteries and cathedrals adorned with wonderful, Old World architecture. Notable religious institutions and landmarks include: Maison Rocheleau Dite (Manoir des Jésuites); La Visitation-de-la-Sainte-Vierge Church; Trois-Rivières Cathedral of the Assumption; Musée des Ursulines; Our Lady of the Cape Shrine; and the St. James Anglican Church.

Special Events

Trois-Rivières offers a seemingly endless selection of month-long, seasonal and annual events, shows, celebrations and festivals. Included are: performing arts; music; poetry; sports; dance; entertainment; auto racing; historical re-enactments; food; cultural; equine; and more. Among the most notable events are the Festival International Danse Encore, Festi Voix, International Poetry Festival and Trois-Rivières Grand Prix Racing, and Hippodrome Trois-Rivières - Horse Racing.


If you are a 'foodie', Trois-Rivières is an ideal location to explore Quebec's burgeoning agri-tourism industry. From vineyards, farms, microbreweries and sugar houses to speciality shops featuring a mouth-watering selection of baked goods, produce, desserts, and wines and spirits, Trois-Rivières is sure to please even the most sophisticated palate.

Outdoor Activities

The pristine natural beauty and diverse topography of Trois-Rivières combine to create a wonderful array of outdoor activities, including nature-watching, bird-watching, hiking and bicycling. skydiving; horseback riding; horse racing; automobile racing; baseball; hockey; and golfing at Club de Golf Du Moulin, Club de Golf Métaberoutin and Club de Golf Les Vieilles Forges.

The city's scenic coast and teeming coastal waterways are ideally-suited for cruising along the St. Lawrence River; windsurfing; kitesurfing; sea-kayaking; canoeing; fishing; swimming; boating; and sailing. Some of the more popular venues for active visitors include the Adrénergie Indoor Climbing Centre, Maïkan Aventure, Parachutisme Adrénaline and Mauricie National Park, and Piscine à Vagues H2O, the biggest wave-pool in Quebec.

Private arrangements for independent sightseeing may be requested through the Shore Concierge Office on board the ship.

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