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Trapani, Sicily

Trapani, the most important town on Sicily’s west coast, lies below the headland of Mount Erice and offers stunning views of the Egadi Islands on a clear day. Trapani’s Old District occupies a scimitarshaped promontory between the open sea on the north and the salt marshes to the south. The ancient industry of extracting salt from the marshes has recently been revived, and it is documented in the Museo delle Saline.

In addition to the salt marshes,Trapani’s other interesting environs include the beautiful little hill town of Erice, the promontory of Capo San Vito stretching north beyond the splendid headland of Monte Cofano, the lovely island of Motya and the town of Marsala. Trips farther afield will take you to the magnificent site of Segesta or the Egadi Islands, reached by boat or hydrofoil from Trapani Port.

Pier Information

The ship will be docked, with the pier about a 5 minute walk from the town center.


The main shops are along Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Look for ceramics, antiques, jewelry and coral items. The local currency is the Euro.


Local cuisine has been strongly influenced by the Arabs. Pasta con le sarde, couscous and a large variety of seafood are commonly found on most menus. Of course, one should not miss to have a taste of the famous Marsala wine.

Other Sites

Museo delle Saline Opened in 1988, this museum illustrates the ancient industry of extracting salt, which in part has been revived at a number of salt-pans in the marshes between Trapani and Marsala

Remains of the Phoenician town of Mozia (or Motya), founded in the mid 8th century B.C. are found on the Island of San Pantaleo, located approximately 27 miles from Trapani. Ferries depart frequently from Trapani to the tiny island, lying less than a mile offshore. In addition to the ancient ruins, tiny San Pantaleo is an oasis of luxuriant vegetation, a sanctuary for birds, with sweet-smelling plants, palm trees and pinewoods. Low vineyards on the island produce an excellent wine.
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Trapani, Sicily