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Going Ashore

Pier Information

The ship is scheduled to anchor off Port Stanley. Guests will be taken ashore via the ship's tenders to the public jetty and Visitor's Centre. The town centre is just a short walk away from the tender location. There are few taxis; some of the residents will offer transportation and tours using their own vehicles. It is recommended to agree on the price before leaving the pier. For outlying areas, four-wheel-drive vehicles are recommended. Shopping

Woven and hand-knit items are key products. The wool comes from the thousands of sheep raised in the Falklands. The Philatelic Bureau located in the Town Hall sells beautiful local postage stamps. Guide books and postcards also are popular souvenirs. Shops are small, getting easily crowded when one or more cruise vessels are in port. The local currency is the Falkland pound, on par with the English pound. U.S. dollars are widely accepted, but few shops accept credit cards.  


Due to limited dining facilities, restaurants such as the Malvina House Hotel require reservations and are often fully booked. A quick sandwich or light lunch can be had in the few pubs and snack bars around Stanley. Other


Good walkers can explore Stanley easily on foot. Major sites, such as the cathedral, the Historic Dockyard & Museum and the Battle Memorial are included in the organized excursions; they also can be visited on your own.

Caution: On Stanley's outskirts are still fenced in areas as protection from unexploded mines. Never enter such an area.

Private arrangements are not available in this port.

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