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St Peter Port, Guernsey

silversea european cruises st peter port guernseyCobblestone streets, blooming floral displays, and tiny churches welcome you to this wonderfully pretty harbour. The town of St Peter Port is as pretty as they come, with glowing flower displays painting practically every street corner and window-ledge with colour. As the capital, and main port of Guernsey, St Peter Port puts all of the island’s gorgeous beaches, wonderful history and inspiring stories at your fingertips.

St Peter Port, Guernsey

Feel the gut punch of the midday gun firing at Castle Cornet, which stands guard over one of the world's prettiest ports. This 800-year-old, Medieval castle offers staggering views of the harbour from its imposing, craggy island location, and you can look out across to the looming shorelines of the other Channel Islands from its weathered battlements. With four well-tended gardens, and five museums offering a rich overview of Guernsey's history, you’ll want to leave a few hours aside to explore the many treasures that lie within the castle’s walls.

The incredible Hauteville House is another of St Peter Port's incredible structures - Victor Hugo's former residence has now been converted into a museum, and you can explore the house he lived in during his 14-year exile in Guernsey. He wrote his masterpiece, Les Misérables, here - and put his own remarkable stamp on the building, with idiosyncratic decorations and wonderful artworks. Visit his writing room, where it's easy to see how he found inspiration – as you look out through the windows that offer incredible views of the turquoise, island-speckled water below. Elsewhere, the extraordinary Little Chapel is a mosaic masterpiece, crusted with tiny pieces of decorative pottery.

While Guernsey practically glows with beauty these days, it’s not too long ago that it was subjected to Nazi occupation, as the Second World War raged. Go underground, into the eerie tunnels of the dark, dank Underground Military Hospital - which was built by slave labour - or learn of the 2,000 deported to concentration camps, at the fascinating Guernsey Occupation Museum - which provides an emotional account of the Channel Islands’ struggles.

Guernsey's beaches are incredible, with Cobo Bay a favourite for anyone wanting to soak up summer sun, and watch dazzling sunsets. Afterwards, you can always wander into town for a newspaper-wrapped serving of fish and chips, soaked in vinegar. Shell beach is a slice of Caribbean bliss in the Channel or, with a little island hopping, you can head out to Longis Bay, and relax on a crescent of soft sand, protected from the wind by a German anti-tank wall.

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St Peter Port, Guernsey