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Puerto Chiapas,

Puerto Chiapas is a relatively new port of call. The culturally diverse Chiapas port of call is located near the border of Guatemala and has one of the highest gross domestic products per capita in all of Mexico. Puerto Chiapas has a hot and humid tropical climate. The rainy season goes from June through October, making things even balmier. The pier offers local vendors, a restaurant and entertainment upon the ship’s arrival.

The closest town is Tapachula, a culturally diverse city whose history and heritage has been influenced not only by the Mayans, Mestizo's and Spanish but by German, Chinese, Japanese and French immigrants as well. Take the opportunity to visit the town square where you find an historic church, the city hall building as well as vendors and small stores. You may choose to walk, sit in a café, shop or explore the archeological museum (entrance fee charged).


It should be no surprise that the local shopping reflects the varied culture of the port. Many of the crafts you can find while looking for souvenirs at the Puerto Chiapas stalls and vendors have distinct Asian influences. Look for Morraletas de pita (rope tote bags), hand woven hammocks, ornately carved gourds and rugs and hats made from palm fronds.

Sites of Interest

The Sonocnusco Archaeological Museum is located next to the Municipal Palace and features a collection of pieces from a variety of archaeological zones. Some examples are a turquoise and gold decorated skull and an ancient whistle.

Izapa Ruins

On the other hand if you're looking to get some firsthand archaeological experiences go to the Izapa Ruins, a pre-Columbian site with groups of mounds that had previously included pyramids and community plazas.

Park M. Hidalgo

If local relaxation is what you seek, go to Park M. Hidalgo where you can sit and take in the sights and sounds of town as well as walk to the nearby Municipal Palace and a local outdoor theater where mamba concerts often occur.


Dining in the area offers a chance for both regional and international cuisines. Some local specialties are seafood stews, fried fish with red or green pepper sauces, crawfish and lobster. The regional specialties are mostly for those with somewhat more adventurous palate. Examples are armadillo stew, iguana tamales and snail broth.

Restaurante El Cafetal offers international, Mexican national and Mexican regional cuisines. Located at the Hotel Loma Real, this eatery offers a panoramic view of the area.

For lunch, try out La Parilla Restaurant, known for their unique tortas (sandwiches).

El Navegante is a highly recommended seafood restaurant, which is not far from Puerto Chiapas.

El Jardin de Estefania Restaurant is known for its large, international menu that fits a wide range of tastes. If you're just looking for a tea time snack, they have you covered with homemade sponge cake and a native Chiapas cup of coffee.

Although Puerto Chiapas is not known for their nightlife scene, there are plenty of restaurants with bars on premises and extensive tequila menus for bargain hunters and perfection seekers alike. The pier is the best bet for your nightlife needs

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Puerto Chiapas,