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Porto-Vecchio, Corsica

Set on a hillock overlooking a beautiful deep blue bay, Porto Vecchio, 15 miles (25km) north of Bonifacio, was rated by Scottish author James Boswell as one of "the most distinguished harbours in Europe." It was founded in 1539 as a second Genoese stronghold on the east coast, Bastia being well established in the north. The site was perfect; close to the unexploited and fertile plain, it benefited from secure high land and a sheltered harbour, although the mosquito population spread malaria and wiped out the first Ligurian settlers within months. Things began to take off mainly thanks to the cork industry, which still thrived well into the twentieth century. Today a third of Corsica's wine is exported from Porto Vecchio, but most revenue comes from visitors.

Around the centre of town explore the well-preserved fortress and the small grid of ancient streets backing onto the main place de la République. East of the square you can't miss the Porte Génoise, which frames a delightful expanse of sea and salt pans and through which you'll find the quickest route down to the modern marina, lined with cafés and hotels.

Pier Information

The ship is scheduled to dock in Porto Vecchio. There is a terminal building on the pier that has facilities and local maps available. upper town can be reached via the port shuttle or a hike up the sloping roadway approx 1,368 feet (1,800m).


The wood from chestnut and juniper trees is used by local artisans to craft nice souvenirs. Most shops close between 12:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. The local currency is the euro.


Numerous restaurants along the Marina offer fresh seafood, pizza, typical French menus and Corsican specialties. The bars and cafes here are the social focus for much of the day and the evening. Note the excellent beer bar at the main square (near the church) which offers a nice Corsican atmosphere

Other Sites

Don't miss exploring the narrow, cobbled streets of the upper town (Haute-Ville) and strolling along the marina.

Silver Shore Privato is unavailable in Porto Vecchio, due to the very limited number of qualified guides and suitable vehicles. Guests wishing to consider any private arrangements should enquire at for availability and price.
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Porto-Vecchio, Corsica