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Parintins, Brazil

The small village of Parintins lies on Tupinambarana Island, which is part of a large river archipelago in the mid-Amazon, 250 miles east of Manaus. In existence for two centuries, Parintins is rich in Indian culture that is represented in the celebrated annual Boi-Bumba festival. It is a ritual of magic, mystery, passion and faith that has been held here for over 80 years, inspired by local legends. A stadium, the Bumbódromo, was built in 1988 to accommodate the over 40,000 spectators that come and take part in this festival each year. The Boi-Bumba is listed on the official Calendar of Events to be one of the highlights in Amazonas State.

As a special treat, Silversea has arranged an exclusive performance, enacting the show for you with all the exuberance and vibrancy normally displayed in the real Parintins festival.

Pier Information

The ship is scheduled to dock in Parintins. The village is within walking distance from the pier. Taxis are very few and come in various conditions. For any trip into the surrounding area, be sure to check the vehicle and agree on the fare with the driver before leaving the pier.


In the Casa da Cultura you will find a variety of handicrafts made by local artisans. There are works in ceramics, straw, wood and jute. Beaded ornaments, made by the Satere-Maue Indians, are very popular. The local currency is the real.


No suitable restaurants are available.

Other Sites

A walk around the village offers some insight into the daily activities.

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