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With just over 150 people braving the northerly conditions to live in wonderful Narsarsuaq, a journey here is a true adventure to the north. As a former American military base known as Blue West 1, injured soldiers from the D-Day landings were flown out here for treatment. With vivid Viking history, and thrilling scenery, Narsarsuaq is Greenland at its finest.

Summer here is nothing short of majestic, with golden sunshine bathing the mountains and fjords in light, and illuminating adventures through wildflower-sprinkled meadows. Or, explore by kayaking across glorious lakes and ocean inlets. The Midnight Sun casts an astonishing, 24-hour glow on the landscape, and is a truly astonishing natural wonder to behold. In winter, rippling displays of colour dance across the sky, as the Northern Lights bloom above, while opportunities to explore by snowmobile, or to tempt fish from the icy depths during ice fishing expeditions abound. See chalky blue icebergs, and creeping glaciers, or sail through solid archways of spectacular natural ice formations. Chances are you’ll be lucky enough to see the waters parting, and the tails of huge whales emerging from the deep, if you do take to the ocean.

For such a small place, Narsarsuaq has a fantastically engaging little museum, and you can learn about the early Vikings, including Erik the Red, who founded the Norse settlement here, and told tales of exploration among the dense forestry. These forests eventually leant Greenland its somewhat incongruous name, for such a mighty slab of blue and white ice. The museum will also introduce you to the war times, which saw the population of Narsarsuaq swelling to 3,000, when the base served as a pit stop between North America and the European battleground.

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