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silversea asia cruise kaohsiung taiwan love riverKaohsiung is Taiwan’s second largest city, its biggest seaport, and the world’s fourth largest container port. It entered the 21st century as a newly emerging international metropolis. In the forefront of Taiwan’s expansion and modernisation efforts are the China Steel Corporation and China Shipbuilding. They are perfect examples of what Taiwan’s export-oriented economy is all about.

The Love River, which has seen some recent landscaping, adds to the beauty of the city. Coffee shops along its banks offer good opportunities to view the river’s activities and enjoy a nice breeze. A 495-feet (150 metres)-long urban corridor of light, known as Urban Spotlight, was designed by local artists who wanted to make light and shadows the theme of the hall. The result is an urban space in the Central Park area teeming with artistic vision.

A very important event in Taiwan’s recent history occurred here in 1979, and is known as the Kaohsiung Incident. It was the day of the first major human rights celebration on the island. Until that time, the authorities had never allowed any expression of discontent. When the day came, however, the celebration ended in chaos when police encircled the peaceful crowd and started using teargas, and pro-government instigators incited violence. Kuomintang (KMT) authorities used this as an excuse to round up all well-known opposition leaders and imprison them. Although it was hardly noticed internationally, it is recognised locally as an important turning point in the island’s transition to democracy, and it galvanised the Taiwanese people into action.

Pier Information

The ship is scheduled to dock at the Kaohsiung Port. The downtown area is an approximately 20-minute drive from the port. Small shops and restaurants are lining the street facing the pier area. Only taxis with a Kaohsiung Port Entrance Permit are allowed inside the port.


There are several shops in the area around Central Park, including the Da-Li Department Store. The Xinjuejiang Shopping Centre on Wufu Road is known for its vogue products, offering variety and great prices. Merchandise primarily is of interest to local residents, but stores carry upscale wares - be it fashions, jewellery or electronics. Most shops do not open before 11:00 a.m. The local currency is the New Taiwan dollar.


A wide range of restaurants offers Taiwanese, Chinese, and Western cuisine. There are deluxe hotels for fine food as well as American fast food chains throughout the city.

Other Sites

Science and Technology Museum
Taiwan’s newest museum is certainly impressive. There is an exhibition hall and an IMAX theatre.

Chienchin Cathedral
Also known as Holy Rosary Cathedral, this is the oldest Catholic church in Taiwan, established in 1860.

Former British Consulate
The red structure was built in 1865 on Sizihwan Mountain. It was restored in 2004 to become one of Kaohsiung’s attractions. At the time of printing, a long flight of stairs had to be climbed to the building because the road was blocked.

'Long Life Mountain' rises above the city and provides a great overview of Kaohsiung harbour. Located on its slopes are the Yuanheng Temple, Martyrs’ Shrine, Sun Yatsen University, and the Wanshou-shan Zoo.

For those guests who are interested in touring at your leisure, we are pleased to offer Silver Shore Privato - half-day and full-day private arrangements by private car or van. Due to the limited availability of qualified English-speaking guides in this region, this service is in very limited supply. This service is non-refundable within 72 hours of its reserved operations. You may book this in advance at or it may be purchased on board, subject to availability. Other private arrangements for independent sightseeing may be arranged by emailing
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