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Jost Van Dyke,

Jost Van Dyke, four miles long, is truly known as the 'barefoot island'. The smallest of the British Virgin Islands, it is known as a popular destination for yachts and is celebrated for its casual lifestyle, protected anchorages, fine beaches and beachfront restaurants and bars. The island has fewer than 200 inhabitants and they are widely known as a welcoming people. The island's name conjures up its rich, colorful past. Jost Van Dyke is said to have been named for an early Dutch settler, a former pirate.

At Great Harbour, Little Harbour, and White Bay there are safe, protected bays and pristine beaches shaded with coconut palms and seagrape trees. Discover inviting shops selling local treasures, restaurants, and bars. 'The Painkiller', one of the Caribbean’s most popular drinks, originated at the Soggy Dollar Bar. Foxy’s and Gertrude's in White Bay are renowned for drinks made with the island's famous rum, frosty beers, and tales of pirates and sunken treasure.

Explore Jost Van Dyke's history in the vegetation-covered ruins of centuries-old sugar mills, or on the old trails that crisscross the island. Revel in the natural beauty of the pristine, untouched beaches. Hike up to the highest spot on the island, Majohnny Point, and take in a stunning 360 degree view of the Caribbean. Relax in the natural 'bubble pool', a popular tourist attraction. Jost Van Dyke conjures up images of what the British Virgin Islands may have looked like many years ago.

Pier Information

The ship is scheduled to anchor in Great Harbor. Guests will be taken ashore via the ship's tender. Jost Van Dyke has a main street that's a beach. A short sandy stroll from Great Harbor brings you to Little Harbor.


Local crafts are the most sought after items at shops along the main street. The Foxhole sells T-shirts, hats, island wear and souvenirs. Currency is the US dollar.


Local fish such as swordfish, wahoo, and kingfish are a specialty. Foxy's the quintessential beach bar – tended by Foxy Callwood himself is on the beach and open to the elements offering rotis and flying fish sandwiches for lunch and grilled fresh fish and lobster for dinner. What began as little more than a lemonade-stand-size bar has evolved into a major cultural force.

Other Sites

White Bay for its long and lovely white sand beach protected by extensive reefs.
Little Harbor, a good anchorage nestled under its small hiking mountain.
Nearby Tropical Isles: Sandy Cay, Green Cay and Sandy Spit, Diamond Cay & Little Jost. A series of small islands, off Jost Van Dyke's east end, offer the perfect setting for a tropical escape, spectacular beaches, and snorkeling in the shallow reefs.

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Jost Van Dyke,