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Helsingborg is situated at the narrowest part of the strait of Öresund, where you have Sweden with Helsingborg on one side and Denmark with Elsinore on the other. Only 20 minutes apart by boat. The city's strategic position has been historically significant. Landborgen, the ridge above the city, was ideal for controlling the Strait of Öresund, and a simple fortress was built here. In the 12th century, this was replaced by a mighty castle and, in the 1300s, a tower (now known as Kärnan) was added. About a century later, people started settling along the coastline below the ridge, attracted by the abundance of herring.

The location of the city gives you the opportunity to visit two countries in one day. Up until 350 years ago, it was Danish territory on both sides of Öresund. The two sides share the same history but, if you look closely, you will discover the similarities and the differences between the Danes and the Swedes.

It's easy to travel between Helsingborg and Elsinore; the ferry trip only takes twenty minutes and no passport is needed. Every year, millions of passengers travel between these twin towns, for pleasure as well as for business.

In this part of the Öresund region you will find an exciting mix that includes history, culture, nature, and gastronomy. Royal residences and old farmhouses, modern art museums and traditional handicrafts, dramatic cliffs, peaceful beech woods and long stretches of sandy shore. They all meet here.

Vessels dock in the town port; from here, it is a five minute walk into the center of town. The port has no facilities, but shops and restaurants are on hand in town and the tourist office is only a few minutes walk from the dock.

You don't need public transport to explore Helsingborg. However, if you want to discover more of what Skåne, the most southern province of Sweden, has to offer independently, then you'll need transportation. Renting a car would free you up to explore at your own pace.

Helsingborg, is a delightful and charming town of about 125,000 people. The sea is never far away. Salty spray and sand between your toes are part of everyday life during the summer months.


Kärnan - The Keep

The tower overlooking the town is all that remains of Helsingborg Castle. The Tower was built in the 14th century and part of a fortress with a ring-wall added in the Middle Ages.  Kärnan fell into decay in the 1800s but was renovated in 1893-94. Declared a historic monument in 1967 The keep is 34 meters high and climbing the spiral staircase to the top is strenuous but rewarding - the view is magnificent.

St Mary's Church

Centrally situated church in Danish brick Gothic style built in the 1300s. A small sandstone church was originally located in the same place.

The Town Hall

Built in the 1890s in neo-Gothic style according to plans by Alfred Hellerström who subsequently became the city architect. Declared a listed building in 1967. The clock tower is 65 metres high, the façade richly decorated and the interiors magnificent. The stained glass windows with motifs from the city's history are famed.

Jacob Hansen's House

Built by judge Jacob Hansen in 1641. Many people of significance for Helsingborg have lived here. The ceilings in the Blue Hall and the Red Room are graced with paintings describing the city's history and the building's owner.

Dunkers Kulturhus - Culture Centre

The centre includes an international museum of art, the city museum, a theatre and concert hall. Modern architecture.

Helsingborg Concert Hall

Home of the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra and one of Sweden's best known functionalist buildings, designed by Sven Markelius. The concert hall, famous for its excellent acoustics, accommodates about 800 people. The building was declared a listed building in 1997.

Helsingborg City Theatre

Inaugurated on 6 September 1921, Sweden's first city theatre with a permanent cast. The original building was the home of the theatre until 1976 when today's theatre was opened. Ingmar Bergman and Per Sjöstrand are among the well known figures who have been directors here.

Henry Dunker (1870-1962)

Industrialist and managing director of Helsingborg's Rubber Works (later reconstructed as Tretorn). On his death, Henry Dunker was one of Sweden's wealthiest men, bequeathing about 58 million kronor to the City. The City Theatre, Kulturmagasinet and Dunkers Culture Centre are some examples that have been financed by funds from foundations and funds set up by Henry Dunker.

Ramlösa Brunnspark

The Ramlösa Spa in Helsingborg enjoyed its golden age in the 18th and 19th centuries. The public park with the original spring is open; take a walk and try the waters.

Fredriksdal Museum and Gardens

Visit Fredriksdal Museums and Gardens and enjoy the beauty and scents of the wonderful rose garden and botanical garden. In the unique landscape garden you will witness all the variations of the countryside of Skåne and you can find out the history of the mansion and the old town quarters.

Sofiero Gardens

Built as a royal summer residence in 1864, the Palace of Sofiero was later given as a wedding gift to Crown Prince Gustav Adolf and his wife Margareta in 1905. The young couple created a summer paradise for the royal family. Margareta died at a young age leaving King Gustav Adolf with five children. The King remarried, and his new wife Louise Mountbatten also had much influence on the family life at Sofiero.  Enjoy the magnificent gardens with the rhododendron valley, in full bloom in May-June, and along the paths beside Crown princess Margareta's magnificent flower beds.

Kullaberg peninsula

A drive along the coastline, through the picturesque fishing villages brings you to Kullaberg nature reserve. Kullaberg, the Pearl of the North - to which thousands of tourists from Sweden and abroad flock each summer to seek repose and recreation in a living natural landscape. Few places in the North can match Kullen for the beauty of its natural landscape. With its breezy forests of beech and fir, its romantic grottoes, its vertiginous cliffs that plunge straight into the sea, its cliff-top views out over mile upon mile of bright blue water, Kullen has each year attracted a steadily increasing stream of visitors from far and near. Kullaberg offers visitors a fantastic natural experience. Indeed, the Guide Michelin has awarded Kullaberg a prestigious three-star rating in its guide to Swedish sights.

Right out on the tip of Kullaberg stands Kullen Lighthouse, Scandinavia's strongest lighthouse, in some of the world's most heavily trafficked waters. It lies 78,5 meters over sea level and can be seen 50kms away.

The dramatic local landscape and distinctive flora and fauna make this an attractive area for botanical walks, bird-watching, diving and rock climbing. The entire area is open to hikers and walkers and there are several marked trails to choose between.

Flickorna Lundgren

A most charming café at the Kullaberg Peninsula. Famous for their Vanilla hearts and other goodies.


A seaside resort popular at the turn of the 19th century, renowned for the decadence that allowed men and women to bathe together!


The capital of the ceramics region. Visit Höganäs Keramik Iittala factory outlet. Here you will find

the famous Höganäs ceramics brand as well as a wide range of high-quality glassware.

Wrams Gunnarstorp Mansion

Privately owned mansion dating from 1633. Famous for the impressive boxwood hedges that Carl Linneaus admired during his travels in Skåne in the 1800s. The park is open to the public.


In Helsingborg's city centre there are five hundred shops waiting for all you shopaholics. Don't miss all the city's cosy restaurants and cafés. The shopping district starts from the Kullagatan pedestrian precinct in the centre including its adjacent side streets and stretches to the city's centre in the south around Gustav Adolf Torg.

Outside the city you'll find the Väla modern shopping centre with a large number of shops. There is also an IKEA here, the big furnishing store.


Helsingborg is one of the cities with the most restaurants in all of Sweden, which help to create a lively atmosphere in the city centre all year round. Here you can enjoy good food and drink. You can choose between exotic food from all over the world or traditional Swedish home cooking with local products.


Beaches run along about 25 kilometres of Helsingborg's coastline. This gives visitors several unique opportunities as many of the beaches can be reached from central Helsingborg. You can take a dip at Tropical Beach as palm trees sway down the sandy beach, or take a swim at any of the other beaches in the city centre, like Fria Bad and Järnvägsmannens Bad at Gröningen.

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