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Geiranger, Norway

The Geirangerfjord is a branch of the Synnulvsfjord which in turn is a branch of the mighty Storfjord. The Geirangerfjord thrusts its way 16 km inland and the views are spectacular; towering mountains, farms clinging to the steep mountain side and the fjord itself. Waterfalls with names such as the Suitor, the Bridal Veil and the Seven Sisters plunge down the mountain sides. The Geirangerfjord is on Unesco's list of World Heritage Natural Sites. At the head of the fjord lies the beautiful and small village of Geiranger with no more than 220 inhabitants. Kings, Queens, Emperors and hundreds of thousands of tourists have made Geiranger one of the most visited places in Norway and the first cruise ship came here as early as 1869. In the summer time the village awakens from winter's slumber and the village centre is bustling with life.

Going Ashore in Geiranger

Pier Information

The ship anchors in Geiranger and the landing stage is right in the village centre. There are pay phone, kiosks, shops and cafes within walking distance. In Geiranger there are a very limited number of taxis available.


There are several souvenir shops and art galleries in the tiny village centre selling knitted goods, postcards, souvenirs, jewellery, art and more. The local currency is the krone.


There are cafes in the village centre and restaurants in the many hotels in the area.

Other Sights

The Geiranger area offers splendid attractions:

Dalsnibba Summit: Viewpoint approx 1500 meters above sea level.

Flydalsjuvet Gorge: One of the most photographed motives in Norway.

Eagles Bend: Zigzag road with 11 bends. The upper bend is the Eagles bend Viewpoint. Views of the Pulpit and the Seven Sisters waterfall

Skageflå and Blomberg Farms: Can be seen from the ship upon entering or leaving Geiranger and is an amazing location on the steep mountain side. The children had to be tied to the trees to prevent them from falling down. The farms are no longer inhabited.

Geiranger Fjord centre: Exhibits telling the story of the fjord and it's people. Within walking distance, an uphill walk that is unpaved.

Private arrangements are not available in this port.

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