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Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Newfoundland's fourth-largest city, Corner Brook is the hub of the island's west coast. Hills fringe three sides of the city, which has dramatic views of the harbor and the Bay of Islands. The town is also home to a large paper mill and a branch of Memorial University. Captain James Cook, the British explorer, charted the coast in the 1760s, and a memorial to him overlooks the bay. The town enjoys more clearly defined seasons than most of the rest of the island, and in summer it has many pretty gardens. The nearby Humber River is the best-known salmon river in the province, and there are many kilometers of well-maintained walking trails in the community.


Newfoundland Emporium

Flossy, a huge and handsome Newfoundland dog, will greet you at the door of this store, which is crammed from wall to wall with Newfoundland-related stuff—reputedly more than 16,000 items. The main three-level store is full of books (including ones by Newfoundlanders and about Newfoundland, as well as volumes about ships and sailing), art, crafts, music, antique furniture, collectibles, and art.

Corner Brook, Newfoundland