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Burnie, Tasmania

Burnie overlooks Emu Bay, on the north-west coast. This proudly industrial city is Australia's fifth largest container port and a vibrant place to visit. Burnie was once surrounded by dense rainforest, but this has slowly disappeared, while fortunes were made felling and milling timber. The paper and pulp mill on the city's outskirts operated from 1938 to 1998.

Burnie was first explored by Bass and Flinders and was known as Emu Bay when it was settled by the Van Diemen's Land Company in 1827. Today, Burnie has a population of almost 19,000.

Burnie experiences temperate conditions, with an average maximum of 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) in January and 56.5 degrees Fahrenheit (13.5) degrees Celsius in June.

Pier Information

The Ship is scheduled to dock at the main shipping terminal of Burnie, a short distance to the town centre. A complimentary shuttle service is provided by Burnie and the visitor information centre is located at Little Alexander Street.


Shops in the Burnie Central Business District are generally open from 9.00am to 5.30pm weekdays and 9.30am to mid-afternoon on Saturdays. The local currency is the Australian dollar. U.S. dollars are not accepted.


Guests planning to have lunch ashore will find a variety of eateries and food to choose from, ranging from Malaysian and Chinese to Italian and Vegetarian. There is even a McDonald's.

Other Sites

Burnie's major attractions are covered in the organized excursions.

Private Arrangements

Silver Shore Privato is unavailable in Burnie, due to the very limited number of qualified guides and suitable vehicles. Guests wishing to consider any private arrangements should enquire at for any availability and price.

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